Standing Seam Metal

Roofing Visualizer Tool

Metal roofing is available in many colors and styles. At Traditional Roofing LLC we want to make sure you like the color of your roof – and that starts with being able to see what it would look like. Try out our visualizer below to preview the different color options to help you decide on one that’s right for you home.

Antique Bronze(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Antique Bronze(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Antique White
Black(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Black(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Bright Red
Bright White
Brown(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Brown(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Burgundy(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Burgundy(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Charcoal(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Charcoal(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Clay(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Clay(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Dark Bronze
Gallery Blue
Green(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Green(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Hawaiian Blue
Light Gray(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Light Gray(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Light Stone
Rustic Red(29 Ga. Weather XL)
Rustic Red(29 Ga. Kynar 500)
Antique Bronze
Cocoa Brown
Copper Metallic

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Traditional Roofing LLC provides roofing solutions that work for YOU. That’s why it’s important to us that you have options. We work with Premier Metals, Keim Lumber, and ABC Supply who are the best local suppliers in the industry. We offer a great variety of roof types, colors, and styles. If you already have your roof picked out, no problem – we’ll take care of the rest!